In the Blogosphere – April Fools

Right folks I am here… online… the Scandinavian peace bird… 

Quite pleased about managing to throw two great Aprils Fools pranks today. 
One on my man when he had just got out of bed, bless him, still with sleep in his eyes I managed to convince him that Paul McCartney had just e-mailed me, as he obviously wanted to be the ambassador for my brilliant peace campaign. Uhh I so got him:-) 
Must be added he is a great musician and heavily influenced by the lovely Sir. Paul McCartney, especially Beatles, bless his soul he already pictured meeting his idol, jamming, recording, riding horsebacks, the works. 
The second Aprils Fool success was on my boss Mr. Pure Evil who has an amazing art gallery in Shoreditch called the Pure Evil gallery (no worries he is not very evil, nor pure) Anyway managed to get him too. We where setting up this show in south London… see the flyer above –  so he was far too occupied working to preempt any April fools pranks coming his way. 
I basically said: You never guess who just came into the gallery… Who, what, when?? None other than Kiera Knightly. (She has actually just moved to the area, so it was quite likely) Wow no way, really? Yes – anyway she loved your artwork and wanted to buy lots of paintings, but I didn’t know all the prices, so she basically gave me her card, and asked my to get you to call her. What, wow, really? Yes. I have her card right here… Wow give me her card dude. I want her card. I Pull out the flyer for the show, which is called: APRILS FOOLS. 
Mean huh. I know.

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