Now and then a live concert comes along and takes your breath away. That happened just recently when I went to see Eoin O’Ruainigh play at the Luminaire in London. 

Eoin O’Ruainigh or ‘Oh Ruin’ which is easier to write, is a London based singer songwriter. He is Irish and looks like a gorgeous mix between Jim Morrison and Jesus. His music is influenced by folk’s great players like Nick Drake and Richard Thompson, as well as the stompin blues and traditional Irish styles. 

His songs are heartfelt guitar-driven songs without frills and complications. They come at you wrapped in his own unique lyrics with inspiration found in places, poetry, cloudy childhood memories and not least the love of his life. Truly a mesmerizing and exciting blend. 
Besides working on finishing an EP, Eoin O’Ruainigh is also finishing a degree in Luthier, which is instrument making, so he will know how to mend and make his own future guitars. Now that should come in handy on future tours! 

See more at: myspace.com/eoinr 

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