25 years ago – on the night of Dec. 2nd and 3rd, 1984, the world’s largest industrial disaster happened in India. A Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, leaked 27 tons of deadly gasses into the area due to in-operational safety systems.

The gasses spread throughout the city of Bhopal and killed thousands of people. More than 20,000 innocent people have died to date as a result of the contamination. And more than 120,000 people still suffer from illnesses caused by the accident as the ground and water supply is still heavily polluted.

The Bhopal Medical Appeal is a charity who help the victims of this terrible disaster.
They help run the  Sambhavna clinic, which is the only place providing free care for the victims. Any donation to the Bhopal Medical Appeal go solely for the purpose of medical relief in Bhopal.

Recently the Bhopal Medical Appeal teamed up with the Yes Men, notoriously known for their activism and guerilla campaigns. Together they made a brilliant publicity stunt marking the 25 year anniversary of the disaster to put emphasis on the fact that the Union Carbide plant, now owned by the Dow Corporation has failed to claim responsibility for the tragedy.

Together they designed a sleek water bottle called B’eau Pal, which they distributed for free in a busy London location. At a closer look this seemingly harmless water bottle contains water pumped in Bhopal and is highly toxic. Not the kind of water anyone at the Dow corporation would like to drink either. It is a disgrace that the corporation still refuse to take responsibility for the tragedy.

Read more about it here: bhopal.org & yes men


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