Air Guitar Solos – Wanna be in a Rock Band?

the camel toes

My friend Asa is awesome. She is from Sweden and the other day she told me about her days as a professional air guitar player in the “Air Band”  The Camel Toes. Wow!

I was of course equally  stunned and curios to see this fabulous phenomenon. Here is a snippet of the band performing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, so you can see this air rockin machine for yourself. ROCK ON!

What can I say. I wanna start an air band today!!

The Camel Toes out shopping before the gig

Getting some Jack Daniels yeah dude!!

It looks too good fun to miss. And the fact that they actually have competitions in England, shows that this is a social activity is worth investing some time and energy into.

Asa rocking the guitar


Finally “The Camel Toes” has to go down in Female Rock history for picking the best piss-taking name ever.

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One response to “Air Guitar Solos – Wanna be in a Rock Band?

  1. peter simonson

    yup, we were great, we lost but the legend lives on *sign of the toe*

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