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Love 2008 Rørvig


Love Copenhagen 2007


Fabulous COVERS – Vs Magazine

Sky Ferriera for Vs

Paris Hilton


Kylie for VS

How hot are the new covers for Vs Magazine?

I love the Sky Ferriera and Kylie’s especially.  Good work.

See more on my favorite fashion site:


Cheeky!! – Doritos add competition clip

I made this ad clip for the King of Ads competition a while back. Thought I would share it even though we didn’t win.  It was filmed on the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. I asked some of my friends to participate. We had a lot of  fun!!

The grand prize of 200 K went to someone with far better editing and advanced digital CGI skills than me. They basically had a massive Dorito hovering over London town. Oh well.

Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

Charlie Caplin "City Lights"

Charlie Chaplin is a true hero for humanity. A free creative spirit who gave hope and laughter to so many people when times where hard during the WWII years.

This YouTube clip is from the 1940 Charlie Chaplin film “The Great Dictator”. What a remarkable and heartfelt speech. It really touched me. And I think it is as poignant today as it was then.

Thanks to a true comedian.  A true artist. For reminding us all of the true nature of humanity. Loving, caring and helpful to each other. This speech should be the foundation for any political party, society, nation to live by.




Air Guitar Solos – Wanna be in a Rock Band?

the camel toes

My friend Asa is awesome. She is from Sweden and the other day she told me about her days as a professional air guitar player in the “Air Band”  The Camel Toes. Wow!

I was of course equally  stunned and curios to see this fabulous phenomenon. Here is a snippet of the band performing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, so you can see this air rockin machine for yourself. ROCK ON!

What can I say. I wanna start an air band today!!

The Camel Toes out shopping before the gig

Getting some Jack Daniels yeah dude!!

It looks too good fun to miss. And the fact that they actually have competitions in England, shows that this is a social activity is worth investing some time and energy into.

Asa rocking the guitar


Finally “The Camel Toes” has to go down in Female Rock history for picking the best piss-taking name ever.

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DORITOS wants YOU and your CAMERA!

Oh my, this is an exciting competition! The prize for the best ad idea is up to £200K.

Im going to submit an ad idea for sure!

For details of how to enter visit: